Your Marriage License

 As your Officiant:


It is my obligation to make sure that the ceremony is legal. 


Marriage License: You should apply for your marriage license anytime 4-60 days before the ceremony.  In the state of Connecticut each town may have a time line to acquire your marriage license can vary, so it is best to find out the information from  the town that you will be married in.

You will both need to go to the town hall in that town, meet with the town clerk and fill out the necessary forms.

It may be advisable to have someone with nice handwriting fill in the forms in advance, so the only thing left to do on the wedding day is sign.


I can also fill in the forms prior to the ceremony taking place the day of the wedding. Be sure to select your two witnesses, who must 18 years or older.  

I will take the signed marriage license and file it with your town hall so that it will be recorded.

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