With these planning sessions, rehearsals may not be necessary. However, many couples find it very helpful to go through a rehearsal process, especially if the ceremony is detailed and the bridal party is larger than four people. If you choose, I can attend, provided it is scheduled in advance.  Your rehearsal will generally take more time for the rehearsal than for the ceremony itself. This allows us to identify any specific challenges and  find solutions in advance.

An additional fee is required for a rehearsal if it is over 50 miles from my home.


Is a Rehearsal necessary?

Traditionally, most bridal books suggest that a rehearsal take place. I say talk it over with me. Rehearsals are very helpful in reducing stress and nervousness. Walk through the ceremony with your wedding party also allows for identifying specific challenges that may otherwise not be realized until it is too late. You may or may not need your Officiate present. (Much depends on place and size of wedding). There is an additional fee for a rehearsal and the cost depends on how much time is involved for the Officiate. I do offer a simple Rehearsal Guide if you wish. A practice run through may even be an option prior to the guests arriving providing the venue is available and the necessary participants are present.

All of these details must be worked out in advance.

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